DUKE - Guitars
Pier Luigi Angelini Pennesi ( Duke )

Sign of the zodiac: GEMINI  (June 21th)

Height: 71 in.

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black

Favorite Movies: Underworld, Jeepers  Creepers, Conan the Barbarian, Gladiator

Favorite Books: A History of Western Philosophy, Also Sprach Zarathustra, The Templar, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail,  Jim Morrison  - The Biography

Favorite Actors: Anthony Hopkins, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Richard Gere, Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Mel Gibson, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman

Sports: Soccer, Snowboard, Surf, Body Building

I like to eat: Mediterranean,  for the most Tuscan food

I like to drink: Natural water, Italian wine, Blended whiskeys, Coke, Barley coffe, Milk

I hate: Ignorance, Religions, Superficiality, The Impossible

Hobby: Soccer, Hunting, Relax in my country with mi dogs and my strong italian cigar, Compose, Read books about History & Philosophy, Chess

Orchestration/Instruments: #3 Fender Stratocaster (Usa, Japan, Mexico), Gibson Les Paul Custom, Charvel Jackson kit, Ramirez Classic, Eko 12 Strings, Yamaha Acoustic,, Marshall Cabinet, Mesa Rectifier, Peavy Renow 400, Boss Pedals, Cry Baby, Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, Pod & Line 6, Yamaha Piano, Korg Triton Sinth, Artist Pre-digitech, Mesa 50/50, Eventide, Intelliflex, Valvefx Digitech, JMP 1 Marshall

Favorite Bands: Deep Purple, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Mötley Crüe, Thin Lizzy, SynphonyX, Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Helloween

Favorite Musicians: Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Giuseppe Verdi, Niccolò Paganini, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Ronnie James Dio, Reb Beach, Allan Holdsworth, Aldo Nova, Randy Rhoads, Ritchie Blackmore, Tony Iommi, Yngwie Malmsteen, Doug Aldrich, Michael Romeo, Thomas Youngblood, Magnus Karlsson

Favorite Albums: Black Sabbath, Deep Purple in Rock, Long Live Rock’n‘Roll, Blizzard of Ozzy, Rising Force, The Number of The Beast, Van Halen, Dark Side of The Moon, Mob Rules, Led Zeppelin II


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Pierluigi Pennesi