TARON is an Italian heavy metal rock band born in the middle of ’80s from an idea of a very young guitarist: Pier Luigi Angelini Pennesi.
After some experiences on the heavy metal scene of Florence, he decides to create a band composed by talented musicians of the Tuscan Rock scene.
In 1985, he published his first 45 “Closing the door” with Syntiaxx (summary of the XX century). It is an instinctive and young work, full of hard and pop rock influences then followed by an EP “Brand new car” and, in the  ’90s, by various collaborations with some Italian artists and a series of live events in several Tuscan theatre and discos (i.e. :”Teatro Tenda” in Florence, “Politeama” in Prato and Arezzo, etc..)
In these years, the album “Difficoltà di amare”, was recorded with a female singer in Italian.
After a few years of artistic hibernation, during which he studied composition, perfected his guitar skills and took piano lessons, Pier Luigi Pennesi decided to produce a new experience.
He had been unable to find labels that would do justice the real talents of the band.
After auditioning many vocalists, Riccardo Bagagli of Rome was chosen because his voice would help the band follows their dreams.
The Band is back!!!
In 2006, “Last Dream”, was published played by Luca Ballini at the bass and by Alessio Dacci at the drums.
There is a strong desire to move forward and so the veteran and old friend Leonardo Carotti, one of the founding members of the first TARON, is engaged like bass player.
Last, but not the least, the meeting with the great Florentine drummer Dario Caroli (Sabotage and Bud Tribe) opens the door to a new artistic association providing his technical experience and his charismatic experience on the Italian heavy metal scene.
The making of new album “Taron” begins in November at “Paraphernalia” recording studio in Prato, under careful direction by the great sound director and bass player Alessio Vitali and precious suggestions by Matteo “Zola” Niccolai.

After the new record in 2009 Luca Raddi engage as new Keyboards player and in 2013 the "Young Guy" Daniele Bessi engage as new Drummer ... and the Band is ready again for the stages !!




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